Alma Sundøy


Alma Sundøy’s deep appreciation for chocolate was developed at a young age growing up in Asia, Sweden, and Norway where she was exposed to a variety of pastry from her family business that would fuel her lifelong passion for craft chocolate. Her forte includes technical innovation of chocolate and consultation where she began her career in the early 2010s. Alma was mentored under acclaimed World Pastry champions chef Wei Loon Tan from Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, one of the world's top best pastry school, multi-award winner Nat Bletter from Madre Chocolate in Hawaii and Frédéric Bau, the founder of The Valrhona Chocolate School in France. In addition, she has also conducted consultation work, where she has helped entrepreneurs and chocolatiers from Sweden, Switzerland, and Africa to start their businesses and develop techniques and products. Almas has a broad network in the chocolate and confectionery industry. She has helped in the founding of the Swedish Chokladsällskapet, a chocolate association for chocolate lovers in Sweden.

Alma possesses great curiosity for the technique of chocolate and the reasons that make each creation successful, appealing to both visual and palate. She puts in tremendous effort in the analysis of the technical problems that appear throughout the creation process, conservation and the aesthetic of her chocolate. Her values were endorsed by the series of prestige accolades from the Swedish Championships, Academy and Chocolate Awards and International Chocolate Awards where she won silver in the world finals. In view of her effort, she was named ambassador for the Tuscany-based chocolate Amedei, one of the world's best chocolate makers. (Scroll down to Award listing). 

In addition to her work as a chocolatier, Alma travels extensively to Africa and visits several cocoa plantations. She has also held Bean to Bar courses for both companies and individuals from all over Sweden and in Africa for many years.


During a visit to her hometown of Trondheim in spring 2019, she was offered the opportunity to take over Cielo - a well-established Norwegian handicraft chocolate maker established since 2003. She took over ownership under the name Trondheim Sjokolade AS and renamed Cielo By Alma Sundøy. After the acquisition of Cielo, the company Trondheim Sjokolade AS won a GOLD award at the International Chocolate Awards subsequently.








AOC Bronze 2019 25mm x 16mm

AoC Bronze 2019